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Roller & Compactor Hire in Albury

If you need compaction equipment for your upcoming civil construction project, A P Delaney are able to supply you with the roller and compactor hire to complete the job. Whether you are located in Albury, Wodonga, Thurgoona, Baranduda, Jindera, Howlong, Corowa or the surrounding suburbs, our roller hire, and compactors for hire have undertaken a wide array of project types so finding the right roller or compactor for your specific project won’t be a problem. Our compactors and rollers for hire are very affordable, so it allows you to spend your budget on other areas of your project. Talk to the team at A P Delaney and discuss hire rates for a roller or compactor hire.

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Roller & Compactor Hire Range

No matter if you require a roller or compactor to compact soil, sand, gravel, concrete or asphalt, our roller and compactors for hire can complete any construction or road compacting project you require. Our roller and compactor hire range includes:

  • CC24 Caterpillar 3T Smooth Drum / Multi Roller for Hire
  • BW151 Bomag 6T Smooth Drum / Multi Roller for Hire
  • SD130C Volvo 13T Smooth Drum Roller for Hire
  • BW211 Bomag 11T Smooth Drum Roller for Hire
  • BW216 Bomag 16T Pad Foot Roller for Hire
  • 150 Hamm 15T Multi Tyre Roller for Hire
  • 815F Caterpillar 20T Compactor for Hire
  • 825K Caterpillar 35T Compactor for Hire

Roller & Compactor Reliability and Maintenance

Whether you require our roller or compactor hire range for a project that is short or long, our roller hire and compactor hire range is always inspected and maintained to ensure that no breakdowns occur on your worksite. This allows for your project to run smoothly and on time no matter if you live in Albury, Wodonga, Thurgoona, Baranduda, Jindera, Howlong, Corowa or surrounding suburbs. Contact the team at A P Delaney to get a free quote on our roller and compactor hire rates.


Roller & Compactor Location Radius: Albury to Wodonga

A P Delaney is based in Albury and deliver high quality rollers for hire and compactors for hire to the surrounding suburbs of Albury, Wodonga, Thurgoona, Baranduda, Jindera, Howlong and Corowa.

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No matter the earthmoving or construction project, the location of the project or the time frame, A P Delaney is the team to supply you with high quality rollers and compactors for hire to assist you in completing your road construction or soil compacting projects. With over 50 years of experience in the construction industry, we know the roller or compactor you need to make your project a success. Contact us today.

Whether you need civil construction, road construction or quarrying services, the team at A P Delaney can assist you. Contact us today.

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